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Play as Saint Nick's dark companion, Krampus, and punish naughty children for their vile misdeeds! Send them to work in Santa's coal mine, and drag the nice children home so they don't catch a cold or whatever. They don't know you aren't gonna eat em'!

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Published359 days ago
AuthorRiv Hester
TagsArcade, happy, krampus, Platformer
Player countSingleplayer

Install instructions

Extract folder to desired location and run HappyHappyKrampusnacht.exe

*If you have performance issues, make sure you have DXWeb installed. You'll find an installer included with the game files.


HappyHappyKrampusnacht.zip (30 MB)


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What did you develop this game with?

Construct 2. It gives you a pretty good running start with a ton of common game elements built in, like basic platformer behaviors and stuff like that. Great for jams!

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Krampus! :)

Too bad it requires spyware (Windows) to be played.

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I made a let's play.


happy happy happy happy!